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2020 Jewelry Do's and Don'ts

Style Your Outfit With Jewelry


Aside from choosing key clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe, one of the best ways to elevate any basic outfit is by accessorizing with the right jewelry necklace, bracelet or even smaller pieces like rings and earrings. For instance : an everyday black shirt and boyfriend jeans can instantly look more stylish by adding a jewelry necklace as a key piece along with the right pair of shoes. A simple flowy dress can go from laid back to made up with a layered jewelry necklace or a few chosen stacked bracelets. 

                                                                                          Credit: Brooke Cagle

If you’re used to laid back dressing and you are  planning to step up your fashion game, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you elevate any outfit with jewellery.

Keep the Occasion In Mind 

Much like the rule of thumb when it comes to dressing up : keep the occasion in mind. Where are you headed? What is the weather going to be like? What’s the celebration or the reason for the gathering? Is there a dress code that needs to be followed? Save your premium jewelry pieces for special events like weddings or once-in-a-bluemoon work events. On the other hand, use more durable and less attention-grabbing jewelry like non-tarnish gold jewelry necklace for errands, brunches or more casual activities or get together. 

                                                                    Credit: Camilla Carvallo

Match Accessories with the Right Materials 

It may not be said a lot or often overlooked, another tip is to match your jewelry with pieces of clothing made with materials that go well with it. For example, blacks and whites usually go with yellow gold and rose gold tones. Other colors such as reds, blues and even pinks go best with silver and gray tones. Chunky jewelry does not go well with silk materials. Thick-cut metallic pieces, alternately, go well with velvets. 

Less Is More, More Does Less 

The most commonly asked question for jewelry enthusiasts or jewelry enthusiasts-to-be is : “how many jewelry can you wear all at once?”. For men, it’s usually one necklace, maximum of two rings per hand and one watch or bracelet on the dominant hand. For women, on the other hand, it’s a more complex discussion. The most basic rule is to wear just one of each - one jewelry necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings. If you’ve somehow mastered your style already : You can wear statement earrings as your piece de resistance, go on with a bare neck and stack on some bracelets and rings to go with it. 

Otherwise, it’s best to leave out the earrings, rings or the bracelets if you’re planning to layer a jewelry necklace. This is one of the fashion trends most commonly seen on teenagers and millennials. 

Don’t overdo it with the jewelry. Wearing too much can actually do much less in terms of elevating your outfit. 

                                                                                           Credit: Andy Gomez

Thara is content manager at hey!Valerie and is proud owner of agency CarthalManila. Follow her @carthalmanila. 


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