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Layer Love

Just like the classic large hoop earrings, gold bangles and other items that have become go-to’s for any fashion girl, jewelry necklaces will never go out of style. If you’re feeling a little lazy, a single dainty piece that comes in silver or gold would be enough. But the other hand, if you’re feeling a little bit more extra and willing to go the extra mile in the name of fashion - layering your jewelry necklaces is the way to go. 

Most fashion girls, and perhaps, your favourite fashion bloggers or style icons have been photographed sporting this trend - and for good reason. Layering your jewelry necklace makes it so much easier to elevate your style and outfit with pieces you already have. It makes you realize, too that certain accessories are versatile and can in fact, be used for different occassions. 

Tip #:  1 Chains. Chains. Chains! 

Mix and match different chains - even gold and silver ones to give the layers some texture. By putting together different textures and colors - each piece stands out all the more - giving you a more stylish and put together look. Mix thick choker chains with loose smaller ones, and so on. 

Tip # 2 : Choose A Base 

For starters, we highly suggest using a necklace with a coin-shaped pendant or a square gold necklace for your base. These key pieces will serve as your focal point and you can start building the overall look of your jewelry necklace from there. 


Tip # 4 Play Around with Different Lengths 

Much like what you’re doing with your chains the key in layering is putting together different pieces. Layer necklaces differing in lengths, ideally some necklaces have different pendant shapes and sizes too. Like we’ve said earlier : each piece will stand out all the more. 

Tip # 5 Add Shells or Other Playful Elements

This tip will work best if you’re headed for the beach or going for a summery boho chic look. Add a shell choker or shell necklace. This will work with other elements like colored beads or flowers too. It’s best to limit it to one playful element to maintain the over-all look though so if it’s something like shells or flowers - go a little bit easier. 


Tip # 6 : More. More. More!!! 

They say less is more. But when it comes to layering your jewelry necklace. The more, the merrier! There is no limit to how much pieces you can wear as long as you play around with your pieces well. This will work best if you’re wearing gold and silver necklaces. 

Lastly, the most important thing is to own it and rock it! No matter how nice your pieces are, it’s how you carry your look that matters, ultimately. Wear these layers with confidence and with your neck (pun intended!) held high. You got this!

Thara is content manager at hey!Valerie and is proud owner of agency CarthalManila. Follow her @carthalmanila. 

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