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Sunglasses Guide 2020

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When it comes to sunglasses and fashion, it is not only style and comfort that matter, there’s functionality too.

Aside from choosing pieces that suit one’s taste and having statement pieces like jewelries at hand, another closet staple one might want to consider are sunglasses. Sunglasses for women come in many different styles and designs. Here’s why we think investing in a pair of sunglasses for women makes a lot of sense in the fashion department. 

If You Choose The Right Piece, You’ll Only Need One

Unlike other types of accessories like bracelets or necklaces, one pair of sunglasses can be your go-to for all occasions, as long as you choose a pair that’s right for you. If you’re looking for something that’s quite basic but still a little edgy - you can opt for aviator sunglasses for women with a black, gold or silver frame and dark lenses. If you like something classic - round or rectangular sunglasses in neutral colors are the way to go. If you’re eyeing sunglasses for women that are as feminine as it gets, cat-eye shaped sunglasses might be the right pair for you. 


                                                                       Credit: Luiz Felipe

Practical options would be choosing a color palette that’s dark or neutral. However, if you’re the type to play boldly with your style - classic prints can be quite versatile, too as long as you’ve mastered how to play around with colors and your own personal style. 

Protect Your Eyes Fashionably 

In terms of functionality, sunglasses don’t just make your outfits look extra on-point. They’re doing your health a favor too. By wearing sunglasses, you’re actually protecting yourself from certain eye diseases caused by the sun. Not-so-fun-fact: Being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts, decline in clarity of vision and pterygium among other things. Aside from your vision, skin around your eyes, including those eyelids, are very sensitive to sunlight. In fact, nearly 10% of skin cancer cases across the globe are diagnosed in this area. 

By wearing high quality sunglasses for women designed with UV protection - you’re actually one step closer to keeping your eyes healthier for longer. Thus, delaying the deterioration of your beloved eyesight. Aside from the threat of these diseases, sunglasses also keep elements like snow, sand, wind, dust and haze at bay. Now that’s another reason sunglasses should be part of your travel essentials!

Elevate Any Outfit 

If you’re having a bad day, if you had a rough night and even if you just spontaneously planned on skipping the make up - a trusty pair of sunglasses can save the day. Ever scrolled mindlessly through instagram or pinterest and found a paparazzi photo of your favourite celebrity unapologetically going about their day in a nice, made-up ensemble completed with a vintage or classic pair of sunglasses? They look effortlessly cool, calm and collected but who knows what’s on their minds or what day has really been like. 

The good news is, you can achieve the same look and vibe - a trusty pair of sunglasses for women makes almost any outfit look nicely put together. Whether it’s a summer dress, a basic boyfriend shirt and jeans combo or a suit and pants look for work, throw in a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go. 

Last but not least...

Wondering what shape sunglasses fits you best? Check out our cool guide below!

Thara is content manager at hey!Valerie and is proud owner of agency CarthalManila. Follow her @carthalmanila. 

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