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The Most Versatile Fashion Accessory EVER!

Today we welcome our guest blogger.
Nienke Luyckx 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 

Finding out about this secretive accessory that is taking the world by storm, she felt the need to show the world how versatile this accessory is. 

I love this red Polca Dot Scarf!
It's called a Scarfette. Ever heard of it? 

A scarfette is a long silk-like scarf. Often people see these scarves in shops but don't really know what to do with do them. 

Well, I am about to change that. Because you can do pretty much anything with this scarfette. You can make a basic look into something very unique. Or as a finishing touch with a very complex outfit. I am totally in love with them!

As you can see in the picture above I am using it as a headband. It's ideal for the summer time to give you outfit a rich touch. 

Whatever style you have, it always suits. Whichever way you want to combine it. 
Some of the styles you will find in this category are:
City Chic


If you want a romantic touch or something casual, the scarfettes make it easy to suit the style or feel. The scarf I am wearing has 3 colours and gives it a playful touch. I choose a casual look in the picture above and it really adds to my outfit. 

If I want a more formal look I wear it as scarf. It makes me feel like a flight attendant. That has a special meaning for me as my mom always wanted to be one. It was her biggest wish... but then, she met daddy and thing like a house and kids happened. Luckily for me, imagine where this blog would be ;)

I take the scarfette everywhere. If i don' wear I use it as an accessory for my bag. And even after a rainy day they still look great. Love the quality. 

As you can see the options are endless. It matches every outfit, coat and pretty much every combination. But i have to say. At first was a little sceptic about the red colour I choose, but I found myself trying different combinations more and more. I got mine from hey!Valerie and they have quite a variety of colours and items. 


Last but not least, I have this option for you. Love this one. Wearing it as a wrist accessory. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing jewellery or a watch. And this just a perfect way to detail my wrist anyway.


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Our Belgium based LadyBoss writes daily about the latest trends in fashion, style and beauty.

Nienke is wearing our Janeiro Scarfette, which you find here.
The Janeiro Scarfette is part of our Elements (Scarfette) and Ravello (Square Scarves) Collection that you can find here.

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