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12pc Tie Dye Kit with Accessories
12pc Tie Dye Kit with Accessories
12pc Tie Dye Kit with Accessories
12pc Tie Dye Kit with Accessories
12pc Tie Dye Kit with Accessories

12pc Tie Dye Kit with Accessories

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Tie Dye your Life!

As a jewellery and accessories brand we just love branching out every now and then. We are just insanely in love with special creations and one of them is Tie Dyeing. Don't you just love the process of going at it, see what happens and wear it with pride? Well, we do!

Crop tops, dresses, shirts, anything we can get our hands on! 

Right now, we have a limited offer
for all the creatives souls. 

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So why Tie Dye? Just because!

That 's the beauty of Tie Dyeing... it simply doesn't matter. And makes it the happiest thing to do!

The set comes with all necessities for a perfect Tye Die Project. 

✓  12 colours
✓  Gloves to keep the hands clean
✓  Rubber elastic bands
✓  Plastic sheet
✓  Apron (you can also Tie Dye your own ;)
✓  Instruction sheet

YES, we really did think of it all

But that's not it. It's 2020 and we want to take care of our environment. Why this Tie Dye Kit is great?

1. We make you reuse your clothing instead of putting it back into market or throwing it away. This way we increase the life cycle of your favorite t-shirt or bag. 

2. The ink is made of an environmentally friendly substance. So no rubbish here. Feel good about what you wear.

Simple operation, no need to soak in the soda ash, tie-dye powder added fixing agent, just filled with water in the bottle, shake and squeeze bottles. We design the label with color name and different color for easy distinguish. Absolutely beginner-friendly.

3. It is non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly. The dyes are permanent and color-fast, dyes are safe for regular machine wash and stay bright after multiple washes. So wear it for a long time!

Are YOU ready for some Tie Dyeing?



While you can't really go wrong with tie dyeing, it is still a little bit of an art to actually get the result you want. But, practice makes perfect. So we wrote down the steps for you in a visual way. Let's do this!

It's great to use with fabric like cotton, rayon of super absorbent material for best results. You can tie dye your own unique colorful patterns on t-shirts, hoodies, socks, dresses, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, jacket, leggings, tote bags, shoes, scarves, curtains, handkerchieves, pillowcases etc

Try it with some basics you haven't worn in a while. Or your latest Gucci Dress. Just kidding... no we're not. Do it. Sorry, not sorry in advance :)

Come'on peops this is the coolest trend that returned earlier than we all expected. Let's enjoy the ride! Check out these examples. You can tie almost anything. Invite friends, start the party!






Enjoy it with the whole family.
This is better than monopoly, risk or anything else. Tip: buy lemonade in the same colours as the dye. Living on the edge people! 

This also an ideal activity for camps, school events, birthday parties, birthday gift for kids, summer or winter parties for kids or any other group activities, you and your kids can invite a group of friends over to get creative, test your design skills and make your own unique tie dye garments, enjoy fun of dye together.

Or look at this stunning creation!


Challenge: See below some of the greatest examples of our Tie Dye Community. Let's go ladies! We challenge you to make your best creations. Let your wild spirit run loose. 

Need inspiration?

Check out our community here: