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About Valerie

I am Valerie.
I enjoy all the little small things in life and like most of us, I love accessories. 🙈

I know my look is not finished until I've detailed it. Like you probably, I'am short on time and don't want to spend Saturdays strolling through the city for the right touches. As an alternative, online shopping is not all that great either. Too much choice, lengthy processes and no service at all. 

Sometimes we wish we had this person at the touch of our finger presenting us with a selection so we can quickly choose and pay as we would with our best friend. Knowing you are in good hands.

After a long search I stopped wishing for it and decided to create a world like that myself. 

My world is simple:

You open Whatsapp and text: "Hey Valerie, I need earrings to go with my brown dress for Saturday night." Me and my team will answers and presents you with a fine selection. All you do is choose, pay and your accessories are on their way.

So why WhatsApp?


I am on a mission to make shopping, delivery and payment easy by offer the right type of inspiration and products for the right occasion, by communication through something you do every day and pay safely in that same environment. And always at affordable rate, so you can mix and match daily.

I personally guarantee that our accessories are original creations made and tested to ensure you have the quality you deserve at an acceptable rate. All Valerie does has been done with you in mind: with style, service and price.

Add me on WhatsApp and text me! Trust me, I always slip in a little extra. 🙊
+316 417 13 471