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Size Guides


No matter the ring you are looking for, it's always a challenge to find one that fits directly? You can always WhatsApp us. But our ring guide will get you started directly. In every part of the world they measure rings differently. In some countries, they measure the inner circumference of the ring, while in others they measure according to inner diameters. At hey!Valerie we measure European Standards which is through measuring inner diameters .

To do this you can take following steps. 

This Way
Print this diagram and simply match up one of your rings with the circles below.

That Way
Tie a thread around the finger you want to measure. Not too tight ladies. You fingers get thicker or thinner depending on temperature. Measure the length of the thread in mm. Round off according to the table or you see way you see fit.

My Way
Find a previously bought ring that fits you best. Use that ring measure its inner circumference using a measuring tape or a ring mandrel. Round off according to the table or the way you see fit.

The Highway
Order Valerie's ring sizer. Yes, you can. Just click on one of the WhatsApp Buttons you find throughout our website, drop you request and we'll send you one!


On all of our bracelets product pages you will find the length of bracelet in cm and if applicable the length of the extender. Always keep a finger thick space between your skin and the tool you use to measure your wrist. 


Knowing your ideal necklace size is a must for wearing the necklace that finishes your look. Do bare in mind that some necklaces are meant to be short or long. Our product pages always mention what type of necklace you are dealing with. Therefore a smart overview with lengths that will you along the way. Happy shopping!




Sunnies never go out of style. But having the wrong type of glasses on that beautiful head of yours can have an opposite effect. Stylewise, of course. Always make sure when you buy sunnies they have UV400 protection seal. This will protect your eyes from sun rays and UV effects they come with. 

Here's a overview of what type of sunglasses you should go for. Also way attention to colour. You might have a favourite colour. But does it suit your skin tone and colour of your hair?