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Intergalactic Guide to Jewellery Care

Tips and Tricks for long lasting Jewelry

Jewelry pieces tie up the whole look together with our outfit. If you are wearing a simple outfit, leave it little trinkets to add some oomph to your style. But what happens is that we get a bit lazy with those precious pieces and leave them out for too long. We all know that after a long day out, nobody puts the pieces back in until the next day or so. Before you know it, all your favorite pieces tarnish and lose their shine.

 It is so frustrating to keep buying new jewelry pieces and they get worn out with time. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your precious little jewelry pieces last longer on you. Let’s get started!

Seal it Away

The number one rule to make your jewelry pieces last longer is to seal them away in a plastic bag. Put them in zip-lock bags so that the air doesn’t reach them. Then put the jewelry in a pouch for extra safety. Remember moisture is only good for your skin! The better you cover them up, the longer you will be able to enjoy wearing them.

Another way to keep the jewelry from tarnishing is to wrap them nicely in cotton and place them in jars with a tight lid.

No Sunlight

While you let yourself bake away for a sexy tan, don’t let jewelry pieces catch sunlight for long. You will notice that your favorite gemstone will lose its original colors and look dull.

Store Separately

No matter how rushed you are, never keep your silvers and gold pieces together. The thing with gold is that it gets scratches really easily. Trust us, you don’t want to wear scratched and worn out pieces out to a party. Give your besties a little break and store them in separate containers.



DIY Jewelry Cleaner

If you are a smart and stylish jewelry lover, then consider dishwashing liquid the holy elixir to clean your trinkets. This is your homemade cleaner and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on it.

Pour some dishwashing liquid drops in a bowl of warm water. Soak the jewelry pieces in the mixture for a while. Give a nice rub with a soft cotton cloth and then rinse with cool water. Pat gently, dry and enjoy your beautiful jewels again!

Say No to Toothpaste

A popular myth is that toothpaste cleans jewelry. Let us bust this myth for good. It does not! Never clean your tarnished jewelry with toothpaste. It will only make them appear dull.


Give it a Break

Don’t wear your earrings or necklaces all the time. They also deserve a little break. We suggest to give some love to other jewelry pieces too so they also get a chance to thrive on you. When you wear them every day, they are exposed to sunlight, water and moisture 24/7. So the best way is to give them a little break from time to time.


No Water

If your jewelry pieces could talk, they would beg you to keep them dry! Water tarnishes them faster than your pizza guy delivers the pizza. Don’t wear jewelry when you step into shower, go for swimming and even for sauna. You will thank us or this tip!


Keep Skin Dry

Whenever you do your skin routine, remember to take off all your jewelry. We do not want any kind of moisture to stick to the gems and chains. Let the skin absorb the product first then put wear the pieces back.

Need more details on jewellery care. You find that here with our guide to long-lasting jewellery. 




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