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  • Layer Love

    Nothing feels as great as an abundant set of necklaces dangling around your neck. Here is your 2020 tips for layering your best set so far. 

  • Intergalactic Guide to Jewellery Care

    Some jewellery is so precious you want to wear it every day. Don't! You want your jewellery to live a long lasting life? Then read this next blog of about Jewellery Care!

  • 2020 Jewelry Do's and Don'ts

    Jewelry is woman's favourite. Wear what you want, but do it in style! Need guidance here? Read on ladies!

  • Sunglasses Guide 2020

    2020 is the year of fashion vs awareness when it comes to sunglasses. Style? Sure, always. But do know what to buy when you buy it. And, do you actually know what shape sunglasses fit your had best? Read on!

  • The Most Versatile Fashion Accessory EVER!

    Nienke is exploring this secretive accessory that is taking the world by storm. And she feels the need to show the world how versatile it is. Read on!

  • Beauty Beyond Size

    Our first interview is with Sonam Raj Verma. Sonam, raised in India, has a name that stands for 'the Fortunate One'. Read her story and you'll find that that specific name didn't match the life she had growing up at all.